Friday, 22 May 2015


I'm loving the boho feel coming in over here at the moment! Usually I'd be scouring shops online looking for clothes and trinkets to match my style but it's becoming more available out here in Europe nowadays. Boohoo have some great little things for sale at the moment for the more bohemian soul among us. Since festival season is coming up they have a 20% sale on all their festival get up! Check it out

As you can probably guess, I'm into the paisley print at the moment!! They do have some really pretty jewellery in Boohoo at the moment too.

Bags too!

Everything is so reasonably priced too. Check out

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Burgundy Blues

Lately I have become overly attracted to burgundy dresses, tops, sweaters...basically everything burgundy. So I decided to score the net for some nice burgundy designs. While on my search I found a pretty site called Pretty REBELLIOUS Boutique. Here are a couple of pieces that I found on it...

Zara, Free People and Lulu's also had some nice burgundy bits!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Succulent plants

My new obsession is succulents. Mainly because they are hard to kill but also because they are so beautiful! There are some amazing succulent arrangements online. I have started up a little collection for myself of young plants so hopefully I will be able to create some nice centerpieces myself. I just love the string of pearls plant the way it drips out of the arrangements and the colours of some of the echeveria are so striking....

All Images were taken from Pinterest

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