Friday, 29 April 2011

Digital Art

My boyfriend turned me on to some great surreal, conceptual photography by Miss Aniela and Brooke Shaden. I have always had a fascination with levitation and love anything to do with water, especially still water which is particularly prevalent in Brooke Shaden's work. I was going through some of Shaden's shots and I found some really striking, beautifully feminine ones that I want to share...I especially love this one below because it looks so effortless with her soft pale flowing dress and her pointed foot just gently tipping the surface of the water. It seems calm and quiet yet her hair brings a nearly frenzied feel to it. I love the glowing contrast between the flowers and dress with the background of the muted, dull forest. The tones of Shaden's shots give them a great vintage feel..

Some of her stuff is quite dark, gothic and twisted but I found that in her shots the bright colours and movement of the dresses always stood out to show a great feminine vibrance against the muddy, hazy backgrounds bringing life to them. Spirited and luminescent in a static and stale world.
Miss Aniela is similar to Brooke Shaden, although she has the contrast of also having quite upbeat, bright shots that can instill a sense of calm and serenity like this shot below...

Miss Aniela's work includes a series called Multiplicity which is mainly made up of self portraits of her in different poses cloned within the same shot. It's similar to the female mind, there may be only one of her but she has all these different sides to her that are in constant motion within her to create who she is. I love this shot below, displaying her in the height of multi-tasking. The image to the fore is one of cool, collected elegance while in the background she is engrossed in an array of tasks.

The two artists have that amazing innate ability to create images that are like mini narratives or poems, challenging and capturing the viewers imagination.  Check out and to experience some striking digital fine art...

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Penny Lane

I love Penny Lane from Almost Famous. She is the ultimate boho princess. Sexual and free-spirited with a cool chic presence while at the same time being flawed and vulnerable. Her character was written so skillfully to show a nearly untouchable nymph with the imperfections of human sensitivity. Kate Hudson pulls her off so well with her sugary sweet smile and her alluring eyes dancing with playfulness and sensuality. I love the way she immerses herself in the music allowing it to completely embrace her. Penny Lane for me showed her ability to experience sensual pleasure through listening to great music, having great sex and a connection with her (incredibly hot) idol, having fun, living in the moment, being free to do anything she wanted to do. I love Penny Lanes attitude but most of all I love her style!!

Kate Hudson's already carefree look was perfectly complimented with Betsy Heimman's boho wardrobe choices for her. Penny's whole look and aura signified that whole 60's/70's rock festival vibe of free love, sexual expression and fun. I have always admired Kate Hudson herself as well as her mother Goldie Hawn as the two have always had such a great cheeky, sexy and lovable vibe to them!


What does Boho mean to you?

Floaty dresses, oversized hats, unkempt long hair, flares, boots, fringed clothing, paisley prints, faux fur coats and gilets, semi precious stones, chunky jewelry, gypsy style, braids, hairbands, bandanas, maxi dresses, vintage clothing, prints, layers, kaftans, flowy tops, oversized jumpers, turquoise stones....

Photos: 1 and 2 by Dobbler and 3 by Jen's Pirate Booty

Photo found on

Boho to me symbolizes earthy, natural, freedom, sensuality, laid back, unrestricted. It can show that ultimate femininity with the long wavy hair and braids and the flowy fabrics catching the wind. The eyes are accentuated to enhance the frailty of women yet their power to enchant you. Beauty, frailty, innocence yet rebellion, sexual, artistic, cheeky. That down to earth attitude yet the away in the clouds daydreaming mentality. That unrestricted, raw, natural sexuality shown in the messy hair and oversized shoulder skin revealing tops. The gypsy soul so in tune with her emotions and the earth. Passive and peace loving, a free spirit untethered by uniformity. Mysterious and quaint, fun loving and calm. The ability to look inside of you paired with a simple naiivety and lack of awareness.

photo found on

Photo by Photofest

photo by

Artistic and dainty, free-spirited and alive. Care-free and gentle, passionate and inviting. A utopian mix of soft coyness and beguiling sensuality and sexuality.

Photo by Vogue

Photos from

So tell me, what does boho mean to you?
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