Wednesday, 27 April 2011


What does Boho mean to you?

Floaty dresses, oversized hats, unkempt long hair, flares, boots, fringed clothing, paisley prints, faux fur coats and gilets, semi precious stones, chunky jewelry, gypsy style, braids, hairbands, bandanas, maxi dresses, vintage clothing, prints, layers, kaftans, flowy tops, oversized jumpers, turquoise stones....

Photos: 1 and 2 by Dobbler and 3 by Jen's Pirate Booty

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Boho to me symbolizes earthy, natural, freedom, sensuality, laid back, unrestricted. It can show that ultimate femininity with the long wavy hair and braids and the flowy fabrics catching the wind. The eyes are accentuated to enhance the frailty of women yet their power to enchant you. Beauty, frailty, innocence yet rebellion, sexual, artistic, cheeky. That down to earth attitude yet the away in the clouds daydreaming mentality. That unrestricted, raw, natural sexuality shown in the messy hair and oversized shoulder skin revealing tops. The gypsy soul so in tune with her emotions and the earth. Passive and peace loving, a free spirit untethered by uniformity. Mysterious and quaint, fun loving and calm. The ability to look inside of you paired with a simple naiivety and lack of awareness.

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Photo by Photofest

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Artistic and dainty, free-spirited and alive. Care-free and gentle, passionate and inviting. A utopian mix of soft coyness and beguiling sensuality and sexuality.

Photo by Vogue

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So tell me, what does boho mean to you?

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