Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Penny Lane

I love Penny Lane from Almost Famous. She is the ultimate boho princess. Sexual and free-spirited with a cool chic presence while at the same time being flawed and vulnerable. Her character was written so skillfully to show a nearly untouchable nymph with the imperfections of human sensitivity. Kate Hudson pulls her off so well with her sugary sweet smile and her alluring eyes dancing with playfulness and sensuality. I love the way she immerses herself in the music allowing it to completely embrace her. Penny Lane for me showed her ability to experience sensual pleasure through listening to great music, having great sex and a connection with her (incredibly hot) idol, having fun, living in the moment, being free to do anything she wanted to do. I love Penny Lanes attitude but most of all I love her style!!

Kate Hudson's already carefree look was perfectly complimented with Betsy Heimman's boho wardrobe choices for her. Penny's whole look and aura signified that whole 60's/70's rock festival vibe of free love, sexual expression and fun. I have always admired Kate Hudson herself as well as her mother Goldie Hawn as the two have always had such a great cheeky, sexy and lovable vibe to them!

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