Sunday, 15 May 2011

70's Summer

Great! The 70's glam fashion trend is coming back in this summer :-)! So the long dresses, flares, big bold prints, platform shoes, big floppy hats, flared jumpsuits. Huge platform shoes or espadrilles and wedges. I love the 70's fashion!! I am especially being drawn to the high waisted, patterned maxi trousers worn with blouses with flared/baggy arms or crop tops and braces. Everything seems to be flowing but at the same time smartly tailored to give that sexy, sophisticated look.

photo from

Jumpsuit from H&M

from American Gold

From H&M

From Longchamp

from H&M

Photo from:

Photo from:

I rustled up some of my own creations on the Asos Fashion Finder that fit in with the 70's glam look...

The 70's hair is coming back in too with the big fringes and wavy tousled look or the long cascading curls with a middle parting and a headband. Also the floppy hats with sunglasses to accessorize..

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From Longchamp

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