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I was born in July making me a Cancerian. I never used to identify with my star sign growing up because anything I read about it stated that Cancerians were nurturing, sensitive, emotional, creative and loving. I had it in my head that I was a tough nut ready to take on the world, not sensitive and.... well....weak as I perceived it to be at the time. However as time passed and I passed through my twenties I became more aware of my sign and began to relate to it in a huge way. I am hugely sensitive!! I will dwell on any slight remark about or to me for days on end, I have days where I stress out about every bad thing that is happening in my world or the world as a whole. I hate injustice of any kind and I'm constantly trying to think of ways to help people to fix their lives. There are always a million things going on in my head at the one time but I always used  to hold back from showing my emotions or letting anyone see any type of vulnerability in me. Although saying that, in recent years I have become much more open and aware of my emotions and see the huge importance in needing to express oneself for the sake of your own health!

I have always been shy which is another Cancerian trait and that has at times come across as arrogance which I have never meant to be, I am just wary of who I open myself up to. I'm no good at all that small talk and once I get talking to someone I will usually start getting into deeper territory because I am fascinated by people and by life in general and I love figuring people out. I am also hugely intuitive and have a great trust in my gut feelings because they have never proven to be wrong. I think people need to really trust their gut feelings and become more aware of them because that little voice screaming in your head needs to be heard and listened to!

Another trait that Cancerians usually possess is the need for sensual stimulation. I have never only associated sensuality with sexuality because sexuality is only one part of it. Sensuality encompasses so much more! I always crave sensual stimulation whether it is listening to amazing music or tasting incredible food. Looking at beautiful things and people, smelling aromatic foods, flowers and scents. Feeling different textures like soft silks or fleeces, even brushed metals! Feeling sexual stimulation, skin on skin, touching, watching, connecting. Another sensual stimulation in my head is just that...in my head. Being intellectually stimulated by good, open conversation. Being able to connect with people. I love observing acts of kindness and strength or anything that just lifts your heart! I love the buzz of people and activity but also crave the quietness and serenity of downtime, being alone or just with one person.

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Image from: soulalchemyhealing.com

The Moon is the ruling planet in Cancer which symbolises femininity. Oddly enough I wouldn't be the most feminine of women as I tend to connect very well with men. Although I wonder what symbolises femininity? I have always had this image that femininity is pink and girly, damsel in distress, fluttering their eyelashes, soft and gentle etc etc. All of these things I definitely am not! But now I see femininity as being a very powerful force, nurturing, loving, intuitive, strong and creative, peaceful and diplomatic. It's amazing how your views can change so much as you progress through life.

Photo from: thewayofthehappywoman.com

I have fought with my "bad" side which tends to be moody, stubborn and holds on to the past too much. I NEVER forget a wrong done to me, it just will not leave my consciousness no matter how hard I try to push it out! I also tend to be suspicious and not altogether trusting at times.....But I have learnt to embrace my flaws because that is the beauty of being human, the range of emotions and experiences we can have regardless of whether they are good or bad.

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