Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Etsy Etsy, I love Etsy!

Etsy is like a creatives haven. So many different and interesting creations! Instruments, made from the strings of instruments. Furniture, shoes, clothes, glass, dolls, pottery, candles, soap, books, art....etc, etc...we all know Etsy well! Anyway on my travels through the glorious land of Etsyness I found some great jewelry, check it out:

1. Mr Kate...Now I know Mr. Kate already from her amazing blog but here are some of her earpieces and rings, love them!   or

2. DesignsByJewelree....Such a great idea, making jewelry with guitar strings, especially for all of my fellow musicians out there. The stones she uses are so bright and colourful, they practically shine off the page at you! I love the turquoise and coral stones glowing out from within the mess of guitar strings...

I'm also loving her beach inspired body jewelry below:

And last of all Futska with her feather hair extensions which I have become quite fond of lately

The dog ha! Jaysus the cuteness!!!!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Sarah Hankinson

I absolutely adore Sarah Hankinson's artwork. She is an Australian illustrator basing many of her pieces on models from fashion magazines. I love the softness of her sketches, that youthful innocence that she infuses into her drawings. Her style is very sensual and inviting. The faint touches of watercolour paint bringing just enough colour to make them visibily striking. Check out some of her pieces below...

Her site is or her prints are for sale at:

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Ali McGraw and Patti Boyd

I love the 60's style so decided to put up pics of some of the 60's icons. Ali McGraw with her beautiful straight shiny dark hair and Patti Boyd with her happy go lucky cutesy smile...

Patti Boyd had a great look. So sad how her relationship to George Harrison ended and how little factual information came out about it leading people to believe she callously left him for his best friend. It was more like she was forced into the arms of a man who was showing her love and attention while her adulterous husband was disrespecting her and sleeping around...not to mention with his bandmates wife! You learn something new everyday! I suppose it was the swingin' 60's ;-)

Stevie Nicks

Queen of bohemian fashion! This woman had a great vibe and a very boho gypsy look. Not to mention great music. I especially love The Chain...Loads of long flowing chiffon and big wavy hair. Love it!

Friday, 6 April 2012


Goddis clothing just looks so comfortable and laid back but at the same time sexy and chic. It makes me just want to feel them!! Particularly loving the bellbottoms and waterfall cardigans and ponchos...

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