Friday, 30 March 2012

American Gold

Rock chic/60's hippie bordering on modern wiccan clothing! Kimono's, bell bottoms, fit and flare swing dresses. The perfect groupie clothing for a rock festival. Lot's of black and white lace and flowing fabrics to help flow with the music and smoke scented air...

You can find them on


While browsing The Trend Boutique, Wildfox Couture caught my eye. I'm loving all the oversized poncho's, cardigans and wide leg trousers! They have a great 60's/70's vibe, very bohemian and rock chic...

I love the pastel colours in the shot above. They remind me of pink blossoms, very suitable for the season that's in it. 

The smiley face poncho in the middle alone would just make my day happier!!

I love the off the shoulder look. It's so laid back and chilled, also very inviting ;-)

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