Sunday, 1 April 2012

Boho chic

I was glancing through my pinterest sets today and found some great shots that I want to share here. I particularly love Bridget Bardot's style with her golden waves and oversized headbands and headscarves. She has a very sexy, laid back style that I love. Very hippie/bohemian, especially the shot of her in the black and multi-coloured dress with lace and coins along the bottom...LOVE THIS SHOT!

Gotta love that sexy 60's style with the short dresses and big floppy hats.

The more gypsy jewelry the better! Messy, kinky hair with headscarves. I've just realised most of these shots are of blonde girls. I wonder was that a subconscious choice due to having blonde hair myself??

Flares and bellbottoms matched with waistcoats, sling bags and floppy hats. I love the flowing peach maxi dress, it makes the shot seem so gentle...

All shots: Reproduction

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