Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Burgundy Blues

Lately I have become overly attracted to burgundy dresses, tops, sweaters...basically everything burgundy. So I decided to score the net for some nice burgundy designs. While on my search I found a pretty site called Pretty REBELLIOUS Boutique. Here are a couple of pieces that I found on it...

Zara, Free People and Lulu's also had some nice burgundy bits!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Succulent plants

My new obsession is succulents. Mainly because they are hard to kill but also because they are so beautiful! There are some amazing succulent arrangements online. I have started up a little collection for myself of young plants so hopefully I will be able to create some nice centerpieces myself. I just love the string of pearls plant the way it drips out of the arrangements and the colours of some of the echeveria are so striking....

All Images were taken from Pinterest

Breast feeding, nudity....what's the problem??

This has been a pet peeve of mine for a while and I'm sure there has been a million and one articles and blog posts written about this topic....well here's one more! Recently there was public "outrage" at the image of the young mother nakedly breast feeding her child while doing a handstand. The reason for the layout of the picture was because the mother (Daughter of the Sun) was practising her yoga and the child saw an opportunity for some food as there was a breast situated at the perfect height for this baby to access it! This is the picture...

I spotted this shot a while ago and thought it was one of the most beautiful shots I had ever seen. The nudity, the yoga, out in nature. The pairing of a spiritual practise with the innocence of a child. Everything about this photo expresses love and it's so refreshing to see something like this in the world we now find ourselves in. It looks like they are living in pure bliss! There is not one offensive thing in this whole photo, not one. 
However recently I discovered that the blogger who posted this shot had her instagram shut down due to inappropriate images. Also there seemed to be this downpour of negative abuse launched at this woman about the way she lives, how she can live like that etc. It makes me shudder that we have become so far removed from our natural state and how people regard breast feeding as inappropriate. There is of course the Time magazine picture of the woman breast feeding her child and this was inappropriate apparently because of the size of the child. He's three years old and according to all the criticizers of this shot, way past breast feeding age! Not that anyone really has the right to judge when someone stops breast feeding their child...

I have a son who is six now and when I would be out in public breast feeding I would get funny looks and people not happy to dine in the same restaurant as a woman breast feeding her child. I struggled with breast feeding under a blanket which isn't the end of the world but it is a sad reflection of the separation of the human mind with the human body. How anyone can deem breast feeding as perverse is beyond me. Breasts are there for feeding, that is their function and if the person who looks on at this is uncomfortable then they need to really take a look at themselves and their issues with sexuality and the human form. The same can also be said for nudity. Children should be exposed to the human form so that they don't grow into adults who fear it and attach a dirty, perverse and wrong feeling to it. Various religions have already done enough in the way of outlawing sexuality and the naked form, we should be moving forward and away from these closed minded beliefs towards a healthier, open and more natural view of nudity, breast feeding etc. This unnatural state of being is causing destruction not only in relationships but in emotional connections and the expression of love and harmony. So stop all the "inappropriate" judgements and just be and accept. 

Thursday, 29 August 2013


I am obsessed with boots. Especially knee high, lace up boots. Also biker boots and cowboy boots with buckles. Sometimes I spend way too much of my life searching for the perfect boots! I found a couple of great online stores with some amazing boots like Spool No. 72 and a handy tutorial on how to create your own boho boot on Mr Kate.  Here are a few of my favourite finds...

Indian Creek Cuffed Boots


Planet Blue!

I absolutely adore Planet Blue and especially their Blue Life range. It's all very relaxed and flowy, a true california beach style. Tie dye, flowing maxi dresses, soft bells and pretty kaftans. Planet Blue also carry designers such as WildFox, Jen's Pirate Booty, For Love and Lemons, Free People and House of Harlow. You can also find the Blue Life range on The Trend Boutique. Check out some Blue Life picks below found on ShopThePlanetBlue and The Trend Boutique

Sunday, 18 August 2013


I love flared or bell bottomed pants or jeans. I love the style and how they can create that flattering shape by elongating the leg. I love flared sleeves and fringed hems, anything that creates a flowing movement! American Gold have some really beautiful bells out at the moment...

Free People always have gorgeous flared pants and tops...

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Another cheaper site I found based in the US is Lulu's. I remember seeing that the name of the shop Leslie Mann worked in in This is 40 was called Lulu's so I decided to just search and see if one existed and low and behold!! Not only that but there were some really cute boho clothes to be found on it too!


Such Great Heights Teal Maxi Dress

Black Swan Crochet Vest

Georgia 86 Tan Lace-up Combat Boots

Ladakh Swansten Studded Beige Dress

Luichiny Top That Tan Fringe Boots

Tiers To You Mint Green Maxi Dress


I've found a couple more sites to get cheaper clothing. I love Free People and For Love and Lemons however sometimes the budget calls for something a little less damaging to your wallet! There are some really nice pieces on this sites. I have the Cherish Chain Dress and love it....check it out!


Gypsy Junkies Sunshine Tie Front Bikini Top

Cherish Chain Dress

Gypsy Junkies Georgie Kimono

Leah Maxi Dress

Forever Crossed Shift Dress

Le Specs Rudeboy Sunglasses

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